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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The icy weather is once again holding us captive- reminds me of the letter that Paul wrote to Timothy ( 2 Timothy 2:9)—-“ but God’s word is not chained”–. His word that is given in our hands and that we received in our hearts is not chained. As Jeremiah the prophet said (Jeremiah 20:9) – “His word in my heart is like a fire shut up in my bones”—. The gelid waters of the North Atlantic or the glacial wind cannot quench it. The disciples on the road to Emmaus could testify to it. They said—“did not our heart burn with in us, while he talked with us by the way while he opened to us the scriptures”.

His word should keep us warm and red hot. Adversities and afflictions cannot hold us back or make us cold in our attitude and approach to the things of God.

In the coming weeks, if the Lord tarries to come, we will be starting a new series on the theme-“REVIVE US AGAIN”- based on Psalms 85:6.

As individuals and as a body of believers, I consider ourselves as a boat in the midst of stormy weather – out in the deep sea!- storms are raging, wind is blowing and the ship is being tossed. We see this picture in many of the biblical accounts- Jonah on his way to Tarshish; Jesus with the disciples in the Sea of Galilee, the disciples alone in the sea of Galilee, Paul with his fellow prisoners( Acts 27), etc.

In the sea going trip, many a times we feel the “south wind is blowing softly” (Acts 27:13-15) – but don’t be mislead or beguiled. Storms are realities of life- none are immune to it. The only thing that keeps us of good cheer is FAITH. A vibrant faith, which experiences the presence the Master –the Master of the winds and the waves. If this little boat of ours is moving in obedience to the direction given by the Master( Mark 4:35-39), you can be rest assured of His peace and also hear Him say   “be still”.

Spiritual slumber is very dangerous to our voyage. Many have shipwrecked on the way and many are on the verge! The centurion who ignored Paul was thinking “the voyage is filled with light blue skies, clear nights and soft breezes”. The Holy Spirit is warning us in these days to wake up. Since we are in a state of slumber, we are not able to hear. It takes a revival -a revitalization of our spiritual faculties- to recognize the hidden traps on this “voyage of life”.

A spiritual resuscitation is the need of the hour. As we recognize our condition, we will be able to identify with the children of Korah and ask the Lord (Psalms 85:6) – “Will thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

We will continue this theme in the coming weeks.

May the Lord richly bless you all and keep you safe.