Hopelessness is rampant in our times. “Hope deferred weakens our heart” (Proverbs 13:12). But hope in the Lord strengthens your heart (Psalms 31:24). When we put our hope in the Lord, it becomes a living hope. It is a vibrant, dynamic hope. The Holy Spirit powers this hope. If our hope is confined to the present world only, we are the most miserable people in the whole world (1 Corinthians 15:19). We have blessed hope in the world to come (Titus 2:13).  This hope empowers us to face persecutions, to be joyful in the midst of sorrows (1 Thessalonians 4:13), to hope against all hope (Romans 4:18), to live right, to say “NO” to worldly passions (Titus 2:13) and to keep praising Him (Psalms 42:5).


Pastor Dr. AK George
Senior Pastor

Ozark Christian Tabernacle

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