The OCT children’s church is known as God’s Army, and is broken up into two classes including a youth group. Christ Cadets, ages 2-11, are taught by Elisabeth Cawthon & Becky Berry. The Youth Group is for ages 12-18 and taught by Josh George. These classes will soon begin the Radiant Life Curriculum which you can learn more about if you click here.

In addition to the classroom curriculum, God’s Army  has a supplementary curriculum children may follow at home, in the hopes of fostering a full-time relationship with God that goes beyond Sunday morning. Not only are children taught the Word of God, but they are encouraged to live it throughout the week! The God’s Army Program is a reward system in which earn certificates & prizes each quarter for completing various tasks or memorizing Scripture. It is similar to Scouts, but all tasks are Bible-based. For a better understanding of how this works, please read the guide below.