How to Become a Member


To begin the membership process, one must attend a Membership Class. This is the best way to gain an understanding of the core values and vision of OCT.  We will cover the Membership Covenant in detail and give you ample opportunity to interact with members of our staff. The following document lists membership requirements:


The next step is to sign our Membership Covenant, stating that you agree with our vision, mission, and statement of faith. You may review this covenant:


Along with the Membership Covenant, we ask you to please fill out some basic information about yourself for our directory and records. You will also be given time to briefly record your salvation testimony. Here is the paperwork:


Upon completion of your paperwork and the sharing of your testimony, the Board of Directors will meet to give final authorization of your membership. (You do not need to meet personally with the Board of Directors.) You will then receive a letter from the church indicating the approval of your membership application!