The idea of starting a ministry in the Ozarks was birthed in the hearts of Dr. A.K. & Sarah George. Being convinced of the vision and guidance received from the LORD, they stepped out in faith. Ozark Christian Tabernacle is a part of the realization of that vision. It started in February of 2012. The idea was not to have “another church”  but “to be the church” in order to be instrumental in bringing a genuine spiritual revival in this community and the surrounding areas. This ministry may later spread to the uttermost parts of the world. We have a humble beginning but are very confident of the call and mission. This church has a transformational message. We encourage our members to be actively involved in the ministries of the church, to be blessed, and to witness the realization of this God-given vision.


Equip the body of believers to be prepared for Christ, well prepared to face the challenges of our times, and to be effective in fulfilling the …


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